Loan document printing

Loan Document Printing is a web based application, developed to generate & print documents required in and after loan sanctioning process. The system is tightly integrated to CBS, where customer data will be imported from CBS & will be used while generating documents.

This Loan document printing application has been designed to standardize the legal document formats by the bank drafted in consultation with their legal consultants and to avoid the manual mistakes that occur while preparing these documents manually. And also it helps to control unwanted alteration done inadvertently. System has facility to Print One or More Document at a Time.

Highlights of Loan document printing

  1. Bank as well as customer will save time while using this system.
  2. System will maintain the standardization of legal documents over the whole bank.
  3. Helps to avoid unwanted modifications which may occur by mistake.
  4. Reduces chances of missing to print any legal document required for a proposal.
Loan document printing