e- Passbook

LIST e-Passbook is a mobile application developed to provide electronic passbook to bank customer. To use the application there is no need internet connection for every time as it provides online as well as offline service. Once registration done successfully, it requires internet connectivity to sync the application to the main system (or CBS) to get updated data.

The application mainly developed for providing electronic passbook though mobile phones, along with that user can get account details, account statement, bank holidays list and a facility to generate his personal ledger. The application can use offline as well as in online mode.

LIST e-Passbook can be used in two modes offline & online. While login to the application, select either offline or online mode. While registration, user can set different MPIN to both offline & online login. And while login, provide the set MPIN. Using this application user can view updated account summary or current balance by login with online mode, user can create a personal ledger, where he can store his income & expenditures, user can get holiday list of bank

Highlights of e-passbook

  1. It reduces Passbook printing & stationary cost.
  2. Online and offline access 24X7.
  3. Faster service can be providing to bank customers.
  4. Search transaction history based on date, amount and transaction description.
  5. Statements can be obtained on mail in pdf /xls format.
  6. Personal Ledger can be created.
e- Passbook