It is a centralized electronic transfer system to get direct mandates from correspondent credit banks for the purpose of disbursing allowance using Aadhaar number. To get benefit under this system, adhaar number must be mapped to CBS bank account of same customer. This process of mapping is called as Mandate initiating. To make mandates using this application, mandate entries should be done. These mandates would approve by NPCI, for that a mapper file should be provided to NPCI. Arista Payment solution generates those mapper files. And after approving them, it will be update to CBS also.

DBTL scheme enables the LPG customers to get subsidy directly to their respective bank accounts. You can link your aadhaar card to the bank account to get the direct benefit of the subsidy.

Same as APBS, DBTL also need to approve mandates. The process of approving mandates is same for DBTL. Only it needs additional information regarding LPG connection.

Highlights of ABPS/DBTL

  1. It excludes unnecessary delays & paper work involved in existing process.
  2. Arista Payment Solutions makes simplification of the mandate acceptance and recording process.
  3. Process of transferring subsidies & benefits into aadhaar mapped bank account will become seamless.
  4. This application enables smooth conversion of downloaded file & generation of return file to be uploaded.
  5. Banks can provide faster service to their customers.