Anti Money Laundering

  • LIST Anti Money Laundering is a web based application, to identify & control money laundering & financial terrorism activities which conduct high risk to financial institutions.
  • AML gives a view of approximate or exact matching of banned entities with bank customers called as Name Screening.
  • Customer Risk management also built up in this system, where categorization of risk, updating customer risks etc are included.
  • System also generates statutory reports for Financial Intelligence Unit- India (FIU-IND) in its prescribed format.
  • LIST’s Anti Money laundering software is one of most worthy, flexible & effective tool for financial institutes to identify Financing Terrorism & money laundering activities and report it to government.
  • The AML application provides functionalities for detection, investigation of suspicious transactions and other activities that are in accordance with the statutory Reporting.
  • AML is tightly integrated with our own CBS application, and can be integrated with any other CBS application deployed in the organization / financial institution.

Highlights OF AML

  1. AML System helps banks / financial institute to trace out illegal activates like money laundering, financing terrorism etc and report it to FIU-IND in their prescribed format with automated process.
  2. Effective management to control money laundering & terrorism financing.
  3. AML Facility keeps watch on customer to verify whether he exist in banned list or not.
  4. Automated of alert generation engine which runs periodically at set frequency & generates alerts.
anti money laundering